PrivadoVPN review: Is it worth to be used?

VPN servers are becoming useful in many ways: whether it’s protection from advertisers, or unwillingness to be tracked. VPNs help you discover content that is not available in your area without leaving any trace behind you, and this is the main reason why they are so popular. Now there are a number of leaders in this area in the world, but new products also continue to enter the market. In this article, we will review the new PrivadoVPN, which previously you could only see as an add-on for other services.

VPN pricing

PrivadoVPN offers several options to choose from, which also include a free version. But your options when using the free plan are very limited, you can use 10 GB of traffic every month, and opens access to only 12 servers, the service can only support one device connected to it, and does not have a Socks5 proxy.

Paid tariffs can be monthly or annual, and of course, more opportunities open up here. You can connect up to 10 devices to the VPN server at the same time, and have more than 100 global servers to choose from. The provider also provides you with unlimited streaming, and a proxy server is included as well. When ordering an annual plan, you significantly save your costs and pay only $ 5 per month, but in case of problems, you can get your money back within a month after placing the order.

Privacy and encryption

PrivadoVPN is the type of VPN that focuses more on providing privacy rather than unblock tech of prohibited content. This VPN uses IKEv2 and OpenVPN encryption protocols and an emergency shutdown function that interrupts your connection to the Internet if there is any problem with the VPN connection. The downside is that this function is not activated by default, you need to enable it yourself. Thus, users who are not aware of this nuance may not notice that the connection with the VPN server has been lost and endanger themselves.

Privacy Policy PrivadoVPN claims that it does not store any information about its users and their Internet activity, as well as that the provider encrypts our data but does not keep logs about our requests and views. PrivadoVPN also guarantees that it does not log browsing history, traffic assignments, data content, IP addresses, or DNS queries. At first glance, everything is very good, as it should be with a quality provider. But then we are told that the VPN server nevertheless accumulates and stores information about our bandwidth, the type of OS, and mobile indicators, although it claims that it is not able to give out any information about the content of the data, IP addresses, or DNS queries, since their “does not exist”.

Support service

PrivadoVPN is suitable for absolutely any operating system, it has mobile applications for iPhone and Android that have been well-rated by users. iPhone users rated the app 4.7 stars out of five, but only about 15 people managed to use it at the time of this writing, but android users rated their app 4 stars, and about 300 people used it.

The support service at the VPN server is quite efficient, it uses many methods of communication: e-mail, the official website, and a blog, which contains detailed instructions for use, news, and updates. Leave your question and get a response within half an hour.